Multi axis robot promotes industrial automation production

wallpapers Robot Industry 2020-02-26

In industrial production, the traditional industrial robots can't meet the increasing demand for multi-task in the applicability of output. The multi-axis robots are developing with apparent trends.

Multi-axis robot is a kind of multi-purpose manipulator which can realize automatic control, repeated programming, multi-degree of freedom, and the degree of freedom of motion can build the space right angle relationship. Its behavior is mainly through the completion of linear motion along the X, y, Z axis.
Multi-axis robot, also known as a single-axis manipulator, industrial manipulator, electric cylinder, etc., is a robot system which takes XYZ rectangular coordinate system as the underlying mathematical model, servo motor, stepping motor as the driving unit, and ball screw, synchronous belt, gear rack as the standard transmission mode. It can be completed in XYZ 3D coordinate system. The arrival of a point and follow a controlled trajectory. The multi-axis robot uses the motion control system to realize its driving and programming control. The generation of a straight line, curve, and other motion tracks is multi-point interpolation mode, and the operation and programming mode is guided teaching programming mode or parallel positioning mode.
In the robot industry, the common types of robots include a delta robot and an industrial online robot arm. If we focus on the industrial automation market, the robot arm is the focus of attention at present. Because of how far factory automation can go depends on the technical level of the robot arm.
As a low-cost, simple system structure automation robot system solution, a multi-axis robot can be applied to dispensing, dripping, spraying, palletizing, sorting, packaging, welding, metal processing, handling, loading, and unloading, assembly, printing and other standard industrial production fields. It has significant advantages in replacing labor, improving production efficiency and stabilizing product quality The application value of.

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