SiC Powder Silicon Carbide Properties And Application

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Silicon carbide (SiC) is fabricated from quartz sand, petroleum coke, wooden  chips, and different raw materials by excessive-temperature smelting in a  resistance furnace. Silicon carbide is likewise determined in nature, but it's  far fairly rare. the main thing of a mineral called Moissanite is silicon  carbide. among current non-oxide, excessive-tech refractory substances together  with C, N, B, silicon carbide is the maximum broadly used and budget friendly  one.

Because of its strong chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, low  thermal growth coefficient, and fantastic abrasion resistance, silicon carbide  has many other makes use of except getting used as an abrasive. as an example,  silicon carbide powder is carried out to a turbine wheel or cylinder block by a  completely unique technique. The internal wall can enhance its abrasion  resistance and amplify its carrier lifestyles by using 1 to 2 times. The  excessive-grade refractory material used is made of warmth-resistant shock,  small size, light-weight, excessive strength, and good energy-saving effect. A  low-grade silicon carbide (containing approximately 85% SiC) is an tremendous  deoxidizer; it could be used to boost up the velocity of metal, the chemical  composition, and smooth to control and enhance the exceptional of steel. also,  the silicon carbide electric heating detail is also used considerably for the  production of silicon carbide.

Silicon carbide products can be divided into many categories, relying on the  surroundings, divided into differing types. it's miles normally used to more  mechanical. for example, to the mechanical seal, the sealing ring is silicon  carbide, it can be divided into the static ring, ring, flat ring. We also can  make silicon carbide merchandise of diverse shapes in line with the unique  necessities of customers, which includes silicon carbide shaped parts, silicon  carbide plates, silicon carbide jewelry, silicon carbide bearings, and many  others.

Silicon carbide ceramics have the traits of excessive hardness, high  corrosion resistance, and excessive temperature power, which makes silicon  carbide ceramics widely used.

In the application of the sealing ring, the silicon carbide ceramics chemical  resistance, excessive strength, excessive hardness, extremely good put on  resistance, low friction coefficient, and high temperature, so it is a super  cloth for a sealing ring. when it is blended with a graphite material, its  friction coefficient is smaller than that of alumina ceramics and tough alloys,  so it is able to be used in high PV values, especially in operating environments  that transport sturdy acids and alkalis.


The four primary application regions of silicon carbide are practical  ceramics, advanced refractories, abrasives, and metallurgical materials.

1. Abrasives and abrasives discipline

Silicon carbide can be used for production wheel, sandpaper, abrasive belt,  grinding blocks, grinding, sharpening paste and photovoltaic products  monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, and other electronics industry  piezoelectric crystal grinding, sharpening and the like.

2. The excessive refractories field

Silicon carbide has corrosion, excessive temperature, excessive strength,  excellent thermal conductivity, effect resistance, and other characteristics, on  the one hand, can be used for an expansion of silicon carbide smelting furnace  lining member high-temperature furnace, SiC board, plate, a aid member, sagger,  silicon carbide crucible. however, the silicon carbide fabric may be used for  indirect heating high-temperature non-ferrous steel smelting enterprise, such as  the vertical retort furnace, distillation furnace trays, aluminum electrolysis  cell, coated with copper melting furnace, arc furnace zinc plate, thermocouple  safety tube; for the manufacturing of wear and tear, corrosion, high  temperature, and different advanced silicon carbide ceramic material;  additionally making rocket nozzles, the fuel turbine blades. further, silicon  carbide is the toll road, certainly one of the right substances for aviation  runway solar water warmers and so forth.

3. chemical industry

Silicon carbide can be used as a deoxidizer, and modifiers' steel forged iron  shape is likewise used to provide silicon tetrachloride. it's miles the primary  uncooked cloth of the silicone industry. SiC is a brand new deoxidizer energetic  deoxidizer compound, instead of the conventional silicon powder and carbon  deoxidation, and the physical and chemical homes as compared to the authentic  system is more solid, proper deoxidation effect, deoxidation time is shortened,  saving power, integrated steel-making to enhance the financial performance,  enhance the satisfactory of metal to lessen raw cloth intake, reduce  environmental pollution, improve working situations, improve furnace are of  notable cost.

4. The non-ferrous smelting discipline

Silicon carbide has a high temperature, excessive strength, proper thermal  conductivity, impact resistance, for indirect heating high-temperature  substances, inclusive of active retort furnace, distillation furnace trays,  aluminum electrolysis cell, coated with the copper melting furnace, arc furnace  zinc plate, thermocouple safety tubes.

5. metal

Using silicon carbide corrosion resistance, thermal surprise resistance,  abrasion, thermal conductivity, and suitable for big blast furnace lining will  increase the provider existence.

6. metallurgical beneficiation

Silicon carbide hardness 2d most effective to diamond, with strong put on  resistance, is a perfect cloth for put on-resistant pipe, impeller, pump  chamber, cyclone, ore bucket liner. Its wear resistance is 5 - 20 times the  lifestyles of forged iron and rubber, and therefore one in all aviation runway  perfect fabric.

7. constructing materials industry pottery wheel

Silicon carbide with excessive thermal conductivity, heat radiation traits,  production kiln fixtures sheet, now not handiest to lessen kiln ability, loading  capacity, and also improve the product first-rate of the furnace, reducing the  production cycle, a ceramic glaze over the fritting indirect material.

8. Jewelry

Artificial silicon carbide, also called synthetic Moissanite, has the equal  diamond adamantine luster, "hearth color" more potent, closer than ever  imitation diamonds.

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