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Advanced energy materials: friction bio nanogenerators: materials, structures and Applications

wallpapers News 2020-12-08

researcher Ping Jianfeng of Zhejiang University summarized the related work of bio Teng clarified the principle of biomaterials used to construct Teng reviewed the types properties of biomaterials in bio Teng device structure application fields prospects challenges. This paper covers the unique advantages of biomaterials in bio Teng discusses the structural design energy collection mechanism of bio Teng studies the potential applications of bio Teng in the fields of energy collection self driving sensing implantable medical treatment prospects the future development trend possible challenges of bio Teng. As one of the most abundant renewable resources on earth

are widely used in natural biomaterials. They can be used not only in food development industrial processing but also in medical diagnosis medical materials development. Therefore a large number of biological by-products are produced every day how to deal with these by-products is a research hotspot. Based on these by-products the development of bio Teng with high energy conversion efficiency no pollution is a new method developed in recent years. Compared with traditional polymers natural biomaterials their by-products have unparalleled advantages including abundant material sources extremely low manufacturing cost simple process high energy conversion efficiency excellent degradability. Therefore we can use bio Tengs to obtain green power through simple novel design so as to prevent the earth from being polluted by fossil fuels electronic waste. In addition due to the wide sources of biomaterials people can also make bio Teng in some remote areas in simple steps to obtain power. In the construction of the Internet of things bio Teng can also replace the traditional energy system of sensor networks to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Bio Teng based on micro nano structure has high sensitivity electrical output characteristics. By combining their degradability excellent biocompatibility they can be designed as implantable medical devices or power supply.

of course because the research of bio Teng has just started there are still some problems in practical application. Firstly the output stability of bio Teng is greatly affected by the environment; secondly compared with the traditional electromagnetic induction generator the output power density of bio Teng is still low; when applied to sensor networks or wearable devices the existing bio Teng is still too large to integrate with other devices with high density; finally the types applications of biomaterials reported in the field of bio Teng are summarized There are relatively few scenes. In a word although bio Teng still has some shortcomings it is undoubtedly an effective way to solve e-waste design green electronic products.

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