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The world of graphene is always full of surprises, and 97.8% of the capacity can be maintained after 5000 charges

wallpapers News 2020-02-26
On February 19, foreign media reported that a recent study published in the British journal "Nature · Energy" showed that scientists had used the previous findings to create a new graphene folding device that can store energy.
In 2018, the Spanish scientist Pablo Harillo-Herero's team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States discovered an entirely new research route. When two layers of graphene are twisted together at a "specific angle," they exhibit unconventional superconductivity
Now, scientists at University College London have used previous discoveries to create a new graphene folding device that can store energy. This supercapacitor can be folded up to 180 degrees in half without losing performance, and it can still maintain 97.8% of its capacitance after 5000 charges.
The ultracapacitor measures 6 cm in size and consists of two electrodes, with the film in the middle being used as a medium for transferring charge. Researchers have successfully turned on dozens of LED lights using this device. The new results solve a recurring problem in battery manufacturing: it is difficult to store large amounts of energy in a small space.
lectrochemical capacitors have the advantages of fast charging, high power, long cycle life, wide operating temperature range, and high safety performance. They can be used as high-power power sources, and have broad development in the fields of hybrid electric vehicles, backup power supplies, portable electronic equipment, etc. prospect. However, compared with batteries, electrochemical capacitors have a lower energy density, that is, lower energy storage per unit volume, which limits their more extensive application range, especially in portable smart devices, which need to increase the volume energy density further.


Researchers prepared mixed solutions of graphene oxide and thermally expanded reduced graphene in different proportions and vacuum filtered to obtain composite graphene-based films with adjustable sheet spacing. By adjusting the interlayer distance, the effect of optimizing the porosity of the entire electrode material was achieved. When the pore size of the electrode material matches the ionic size of the electrolyte, the space utilization of the pores is optimized, thereby maximizing the volume energy density. Based on this, researchers have designed all-solid flexible electrochemical capacitors. The excellent bending performance of the graphene film electrode material itself ensures the flexibility of the entire device and further develops intelligent tools. By changing the circuit connection method according to actual needs to achieve different output effects.
Every innovation of graphene will bring a lot of surprises to the world, which will make graphene applied to more fields.