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View: Organic / metal ion self assembled nano hybrid materials for diagnosis and treatment

wallpapers News 2020-07-04
Due to the characteristics of rapid proliferation easy metastasis strong invasion of cancer cells

has become a major public health problem seriously threatening human life health. Self assembled organic / metal ion nano hybrid materials are a kind of nano materials assembled by the covalent interaction of organic chain segments metal ions. Different types of nano platforms can be constructed by changing their constituent units such as organic blocks metal ions. With its high drug loading capacity easy surface modification good biocompatibility organic metal ion nano hybrid materials can be functionalized chemically modified in different ways which is conducive to its wide application in biological imaging cancer treatment.

recently the research team of natural polymer biomedical materials led by Professor Xu Fujian of Beijing University of chemical technology published a review paper "self assembled organic / metal ions nanohybrids for biomedical materials" in view In this paper the design preparation properties of organic / metal ion nano hybrid materials their applications in biosensor biological imaging therapy tumor imaging guided therapy were systematically reviewed. The research work of organic / metal ion nano hybrid materials in cancer diagnosis treatment related fields its important promotion in this field were mainly introduced It is meaningful. Through the introduction summary of these research work the types of organic molecular skeletons are divided into synthetic organic molecules (such as porphyrins their derivatives imidazoles etc.) biological macromolecules (such as DNA protein etc.). In addition the intrinsic properties synergistic properties of organic molecular framework metal ions are discussed summarized in this review the opportunities challenges faced by the nanomaterials in the field of clinical diagnosis treatment are also discussed. The first author of this paper is Dr. Zhang Kai the corresponding authors are Professor Zhao Nana Professor Xu Fukien. This paper is published in

on view
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