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What do You Know about the Failure of Air Compressor Lubricating Oil

wallpapers News 2020-02-25
As the main force to help the machine lubricate, reduce friction, and extend the service life of the device, lubricating oil plays a vital role in the operation of the invention.
In the air compressor, the power of lubricating oil is also indispensable. If there is a problem with the lubricating oil, the air compressor will be fatally damaged, which will cause the screw of the compressor to wear and the screw of the compressor to be stuck and scrapped. Therefore, it is essential to know in advance all kinds of faults of air compressor lubricating oil.


The common faults of air compressor lubricating oil are mainly divided into three categories: coking, flying oil, and emulsification. These three types of errors are not entirely separated and may transform each other.
Coking refers to the condition that the lubricating oil adheres to the inner wall of the pipeline or the surface of the parts in the form of black paint. There are generally two reasons for this; one is coking caused by high temperature, the other is mixing of different quality oil, which leads to deterioration of lubricating oil. At this time, we can soak the coking parts in the lubricating oil of the air compressor for 24 hours. After dissolving the cooking materials and cleaning them, we can reassemble them for use.
Emulsification refers to the phenomenon that lubricating oil is milky white, contains a lot of water, and viscosity drops sharply. When the air humidity is high, a large amount of condensate is accumulated and mixed with oil, or when the auction value of temperature control valve is low, resulting in low oil temperature and condensate condensation, this phenomenon is natural to occur. Therefore, it is beneficial to raise the oil temperature and reduce condensate.
When there is no leakage in the oil circuit, but there is oil in the condensate water, the phenomenon of flying oil, as we usually call it, occurs. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. No matter the oil separation core is damaged, or the lubricating oil is emulsified, or the weld seam of the oil separation tank leaks, the phenomenon of flying oil is natural to occur. At this time, we just need to replace it in time.
From the above, we can see that the quality of lubricating oil is essential for the regular operation of the air compressors, but another factor we can not ignore is the bearing itself. Our Eric company's bearings, set up by an individual inspection department and equipped with the corresponding advanced inspection equipment, to maximize the quality of bearings.

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