Why sodium silicate powder has good acid resistance and heat resistance

What is sodium silicate? There are two types sodium silicates: Chemical formula Na2SiO3, Molecular formula 122.00. This is sodium metasilicate. The sodium orthosilicate is chemical formula Na4SiO4, with molecular formula 184.04. Sodium silicate (or sodium silicate) is a colorless solid that has a density 2.4g/cm3 but a melting point 1321K (1088). It is an organic binder. The solid sodium silicate is known in the south as sodium silicate and the north as natron. Aqueous solution of waterglass is also known as water glass. Pure water glass, which is transparent and colorless, is called water glass. However sodium silicate that is sold on the marketplace contains some impurities. It is also light blue. The rare colorless crystal sodium orthosilicate has a melting temperature of 1291K (1088). By hydrolysis, sodium silicate solution becomes alkaline (a little stronger than sodaash). It is possible to precipitate carbon dioxide by adding hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. To stop carbon dioxide from entering storage containers, it should be tightly blocked. Frosted glass plugs should also be used to prevent rubber plugs adhering to them. In industry, sodium carbonate and quartz are commonly eutected to form Na2CO3+SiO2-Na2SiO3+CO2|. Because of the presence ferrite, the product has a light-blue-green color. It can be used as an inorganic binder (can be mixed together with talcum powder etc. It is also used to make soap filler and concrete that is acid-resistant. This pigment can be used for exterior wall coating or poured in foundation soil to firm up soil.

Use of sodium silicate dust
1. It is used to produce quick-drying cement and acid-resistant cement waterproof oils, as well as soil curing agent and refractory material.
2. It can also produce silicon fertilizer in agriculture
3. It is also used in other areas as an adhesive for master papers, wood, welding rods and casting materials. It is also used in paper bleaching, mineral flotation and synthetic detergent. It is an ingredient in organic coatings, and a raw matter for silica gel.

Preparation of sodium silicate granules
Sodium Sulfate (also called sodium sulfate and anhydrous miabilite): The raw materials for this method are sodium sulfate ("anhydrous Mirabilite"), carbon powder, quartz sand, and silicon sulfate. The production process is similar to that of sodium carbonate. However, the furnace employs a negative pressure operation after the kiln and draws air.

The price of sodium silicate powder
Price will depend on sodium particle size and purity. Purchase volume may also have an effect on the price. Large quantities of small amounts will result in a lower price. On the official website of our company, you can see the Price of Sodium.

Supplier of sodium silicate powder
Technology Co. Ltd., is a trustworthy and high-quality global manufacturer and supplier of chemical material. It has more 12 years experience providing nanotechnology materials and chemicals of the highest quality, including Sodium and nitride and graphite powders. You can contact us anytime to inquire about high-quality, low-cost Sodium.

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