Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Substrate Is A Better Choice And An Irresistable Trend

What is aluminum nitride? Aluminum nitride, a covalent bond compound, is an atomic crystal belonging to a diamond-like nitride, a hexagonal system, a wurtzite crystal structure, non-toxic, white or grayish white. Aluminum nitride formula AlN. Aluminum nitride is treated with metal and can replace alumina and tantalum oxide for a large number of electronic instruments. Aluminum nitride can be prepared by reduction of aluminum oxide and carbon or by direct aluminum nitride.

Aluminum nitride ceramic properties:
The aluminum nitride powder has high purity, small particle size and high activity, and is a main raw material for manufacturing a highly thermally conductive aluminum nitride ceramic substrate. The aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has high thermal conductivity, low expansion coefficient, high strength, high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, high electrical resistivity and low dielectric loss, and is an ideal large-scale integrated circuit heat sink substrate and packaging material. Aluminum nitride has a high hardness and exceeds the traditional alumina, it is a new type of wear-resistant ceramic material.

Information about the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate:
The development of substrates in China has a long history, and the types of substrates have been continuously increased. Traditional substrates include fiber substrates, FR-4, aluminum substrates, and copper substrates.

With the improvement and refinement of industrial requirements, limited by heat dissipation and thermal expansion coefficient matching, when traditional substrate performance is difficult to meet new demands, people have to start to seek alternatives, in the process of seeking A variety of needs will naturally be compared to a variety of substrates, the best choice.

As an optimal choice, an aluminum nitride ceramic substrate using LAM technology (Laser high-peed activation metallization) allows the metal layer to be more closely bonded to the ceramic, and the bonding strength between the metal layer and the ceramic is high. The maximum can reach 45, Pa (the strength of the ceramic piece larger than 1mm thick). The aluminum nitride substrate has a metal film layer with a firmer and lower resistance, and the thickness of the conductive layer can be arbitrarily customized within a range of 1 mm to 1 mm.

Why is the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate more expensive than other substrates?
Compared with the traditional ceramic substrate, the thermal conductivity of the aluminum-based substrate is 1 to 2 W/mk. Although the thermal conductivity of the copper itself reaches 383.8 W/mK, the thermal conductivity of the insulating layer is only about 1.0 W/mK, which is better. 1.8W/mK. The aluminum nitride ceramic substrate has a higher thermal conductivity and the data is 170 to 230 W/m.k.

For example, coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE). In the field of LED lighting, the average thermal conductivity of the mainstream substrate CTE is 14~17ppm/C, and the CTE of the silicon chip is 6ppm/C. In the case of excessive temperature difference and temperature drastic change, the PCB will expand more than the chip package. , leading to the problem of desoldering. Under such troubles, the CTE of the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate is 4-5ppm/C, which is brighter and closer to the expansion ratio of the chip, and can effectively avoid the similar situation.

In addition, the aluminum nitride ceramic substrate does not contain organic components, the copper layer does not contain an oxide layer, has a long service life, and can be used for a long time in a reducing atmosphere, and is suitable for aerospace equipment.

Aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are widely used in the market. Due to their low frequency loss and low dielectric constant, high-frequency circuits can be designed and assembled, and high-density assembly, line/pitch (L) can be performed. /S) The resolution can reach 20mm. In the current trend of light and small, it is very conducive to the short, small, light and thin device.

The production market of ceramic substrates is overseas. In recent years, in order to realize the localization of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates, the advantages of independent research, and the demand for aluminum nitride substrates that are increasing in the domestic market, in order to have a better foundation for technology research and development, Therefore, it has occupied the first-line status of the industry, and domestic PCB companies have paid more attention to it. The advantages of aluminum nitride ceramic substrates are quite prominent.

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