Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

An Introduction Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Titanium carbide, also known as TiC is a popular transition metal carbide featuring a NaCl cubic crystal structure. a high melting point, hardness with a high Young's modus, high Chemical stability, Wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, it offers numerous uses and a huge potential for cutting tools aerospace components, high-wear coatings, foam ceramics and infrared radiation materials.

Uses of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

1. Used to make various multiphase materials

Titanium carbide ceramics make up super-hard tool materials, TiC and TiN, WCand A12O and various other raw materials comprised from various multiphase ceramic materials They have a large melting point and high hardness and excellent chemical stability. It is the ideal material for cutting tools, wear-resistant parts as well as they possess excellent electrical conductivity and are the most preferred material for electrodes.

Cutting tool material: Due to the percentage of TiC hard particle dispersion within the matrix, composite cutting tools do not only to increase the strength however, they also, to a degree, increase crack toughness, which is greater than the raw tool's cutting. Cutting performance is a lot. A12o3-tic ceramics can serve as armor materials. As a tool material, the hardness is higher than (C, N) and Ti(C, N) due to N. To allow it to be used on steel and other cutting materials friction coefficient greatly reduced. It has many advantages when cutting. By combining the advantages of Ti and (C, N) to form multiphase ceramics, an highly effective tool material can be created.

2. Used as coating materials

Diamond coating: This production process of diamond tools uses predominantly a powder metallurgy impregnation method. Because of the high interaction energy between diamonds and the general alloy or metal the diamond surface cannot be affected by any alloy or metal having a low melting points, and its bond performance is insufficient. In recent times, many scientists have conducted a large amount of studies on increasing the strength of bonds between diamond and the metal matrix. The active metal method is one of the most extensively used that is, for example, adding some titanium in the metal bond vanadium, chromium and other active metals, tools for sintering in liquid phase, the active metal is high carbon compounds that form elements, and the diamond affinity is enormous, and allows for increase the strength of the diamond surface which allows the metallurgical interaction of diamond and metal bond. But, the strength of the interface is influenced by the amount of active metal in the mix, as well as the temperature of sintering, time, and other parameters. It requires removal of the binder to allow the enhancement of active metal toward the interface, as this technique is not appropriate for hot pressing sintering process of diamond and powder in a short time solid phase.

3. This is the method used to prepare foam ceramics

as a filtering agent, ceramics are effective in removing inclusions in all kinds of fluids Its filtration mechanism is the agitation and adsorption. The filter must have the chemical strength of the product, particularly in the metallurgical sector which has a high melting filter, so this type of material is able to be oxided in the majorityof cases, and also adapts to the filter of metal melt, which is the main objective of thermal shock resistance. Titanium carbide foams offer higher strength, hardness, electrical conductivity, as well as resistance to heat and corrosion in comparison to oxide ceramics.

4. It is used in the infrared radiation of ceramic materials

Titanium carbide is one of the types of intermetallic compound, usually showed good chemical stability, without a change in the state of valence and is subject to high-temperature reduction of the process of making samples. The titanium ions show a delay effect appearing, in the hope of the solid of titanium ions melting into the structure of the cordierite location, and changes in the structure. Compared with a single material, the radiation performance of the titanium carbide near 3tma level is significantly improved, and is perfect for use in the area of high temperature.

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