Why Aerogel Powder is the Solid with the Smallest Density in the World

What is Aerogel Powder?Qi Gel, a solid with the lowest density in the universe, is the most popular material. The common gas gel is silicon gel. There are several types of gasgels including silicon, sulfur, carbon and metal oxides. Qi Gel comes from a combination of words. Aero here means "in air". Gel is gel. This is the gel of an air. The gel of any substance is gas gel if it can be dried to remove the solvent from the inside and maintain its shape.

Characteristics and uses of aerogel powder
The use of aerogels in space goes far beyond that. NASA's Stardust mission is very important in space. It involves collecting comet dust. Scientists believe comet particles hold the oldest and primitive material of the solar system. Understanding the past of the sun and the planets can be better understood by studying them. The Stardust mission will return in 2006 to Earth with the first samples of human-obtained comet dust. It is not an easy task to collect comet dust. It is six times faster than rifle bullets. Even though its volume is less than sand particle, its chemical and physico-physical composition can be altered or completely evaporated when it comes in contact with another substance at high speeds. Aerogels have made this problem a lot easier. It's like a very soft baseball gloves that gently slows down comet dust after it has travelled 200 times its distance. Stardust that enters the "aerogel" gloves will leave a carrot shaped track. The aerogel is transparent and scientists can easily identify these particles based on the track.

Aerogel Powder in the "863" High-tech High Power Laser Research
Nanoporous materials are useful in many applications. Porous materials that are lower in density than the critical point can be used to enhance the beam quality for X-ray lasers generated by electron collisions and save driving energy. Using a new porous material with a microspherical-node structure it is possible to cool the three-dimensional expansion of the isolation systems rapidly, increase the gain coefficient of an X-ray laser produced by electronic recombination, and absorb nuclear fuel using ultra-low-density materials. It can form an ice target with a high-gain for laser confinement fusion. Aerogels, with their fine nanoporous networks, vast specific surface areas, and controllable meshoscopic structure have emerged as the most promising candidate for creating new low-density target materials.

Prices of aerogel powder
Aergel powder's price is affected by its particle size, purity, and purchase volume. The price of a large quantity will be lower. On our official website, you can find the price of Aerogel Powder.

Aerogel powder supplier
Technology Co. Ltd., is a reliable global chemical material manufacturer and supplier. The company has been providing high-quality nanotechnology and chemicals for more than 12 year. This includes aerogel, graphite, sulfide, and nitride. We welcome your inquiries or contact if you need high-quality aerogel powder at a reasonable price.

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