Magical Ethylene Bis Stearic Acid Amide Emulsion

Ethylene bis ceramide is a beautiful white particle. Ethylene bisstearic acid amide emulsion industrial product melting point is 140~146.5 °C, density is 0.98g/cm3 (25 °C), non-toxic, insoluble in water, stable to acid, alkali and water medium, but powder in 80 It is wettable above °C. It is insoluble in most common solvents such as ethanol, acetone and carbon tetrachloride at room temperature. It is soluble in hot chlorinated hydrocarbons, and a particular chemical reaction prepares aromatic hydrocarbon solvents, but precipitates or gels when the solution cools, with a flashpoint of about 285 ° C. The ethylene bis-stearic acid amide emulsion by adding a high-quality ethylene bis-stearic acid amide dispersant. Ethylene bis-stearic acid amide emulsion has better adaptability than ethylene bis-stearic acid amide and is more widely used.



Ethylene bis ceramide emulsion is a new type of plastic lubricant developed in recent years. It is widely used in the molding of PVC products, ABS, high impact polystyrene, polyolefin, rubber, and plastic products. Lubricants such as paraffin, polyethylene wax, stearate, and other oils have not only excellent external lubrication but also have proper internal lubrication, which improves the fluidity of the melt-inserted plastic during plastic molding. The mold release property enhances the production of plastic processing, reduces energy consumption, and gives the product a high surface smoothness and smoothness. This product, because it contains two amide groups -C-NH- in its molecular structure so that the product is added to the plastic so that the plastic products have better antistatic properties so that the plastic products are not easy to absorb dust and dirt. This valuable and excellent property is especially important for household appliances and instrument housings and numerous engineering plastic products. As a lubricant, this product is used in combination with other oils and has a very significant synergistic effect. Improve the dispersibility of other ingredients such as colorants and fillers in plastics.



EBS emulsion is the abbreviation of ethylene bis ceramide emulsion. It is a high melting point of synthetic wax. The two-pole bond maintains a high degree of balance. Its inherent structure gives its unique compatibility and solubility. It can be used as the most thermosetting property. The thermoplastic internal lubricant and external lubricant are suitable pigment dispersants, which can make the operation smooth and improve the quality of the final product.


EBS emulsions are used as activators for various plastics and synthetic resins. Release agent. Pigment dispersant. Adhesion preventive agent. Lubricant. Surface gloss and activator for rubber products. Coating. Ink additives, etc. List as:



As a lubricant, EBS emulsion has excellent internal and external lubricity, mold release, and smoothness, can accelerate melting, reduce melt viscosity, save processing energy, increase product toughness, extend mold life, and give products a good appearance. Mainly used in PVC.PE.PP.PS.ABS resin, also used in phenolic and aminoplast.


EBS emulsion is a general-purpose plastic dispersant widely used in PVC products. ABS. High impact PS. The product can also be used in combination with other lubricants with a very significant synergistic effect and used as an anti-blocking agent and mold release agent in the rubber industry, as well as a hard rubber surface treatment agent.


EBS emulsion is a representative of the plastic lubricant stearic acid bisamide compounds and plays a pivotal role in the processing of thermoplastic resins such as rigid PVC, ABS, ABS, PC, and POM. The synthesis method of EBS can generally be divided into four routes:

1. Stearic acid is reacted with an amine compound;

2. The stearate is reacted with an amine compound;

3. stearoyl chloride is reacted with an amine compound;

4. Hydrolysis of nitrile compounds.


The most common ones are the first and the second. The first method is simple in process, the reaction conditions are not harsh, and there are no three wastes, but the purity is low; although the second method has a high purity of EBS, the energy consumption is large, the process is complicated, and the process is lengthy. At present, the most commonly used method in China is the first method. The latter three methods are widely used in foreign countries. The use of sophisticated process methods to obtain high-purity products is a new idea for the production of auxiliaries in advanced countries. It is worthy of reference from the domestic auxiliary industry. China has joined the WTO and should act in accordance with international thinking.


Use of EBS emulsion in plastic processing

Due to the presence of polar amide groups in the EBS molecule, EBS has process lubrication and a low-temperature anti-sticking effect on the polymer resin. EBS can be inserted into the interior of the polymer resin to reduce the interaction between the resin molecules and act as an internal lubricant. On the other hand, EBS can be rubbed against the metal surface by the mutual friction between the processing equipment in the resin melt. For external lubrication. Therefore, EBS mainly uses lubricating release agent in plastic processing to improve the quality of plastic products and improve the appearance of products. Secondly, it also plays the role of anti-sticking, smoothing, antistatic, improving pigment dispersion, and assisting stability.


Use of EBS emulsion in rubber processing

EBS can be used as rubber lubricant, anti-adhesive agent, mold release agent, filler surface modifier, and hard rubber surface treatment agent in rubber processing. Its outstanding performance is to improve the surface gloss of rubber sheets, hoses, and other products. It acts as a surface brightener.


Use of EBS emulsion in casting

When the spell is cast, EBS is added as a lubricant in the mixture of resin and sand to provide lubrication.


Use of EBS emulsion in metal processing

When drawing the wire, the use of EBS can increase the drawing speed, extend the life of the metal mold, and improve the smoothness of the surface of the fence. In addition, in powder metallurgy molding, prior to metal melting, bonding with EBS and using EBS as a lubricant for the metal mold can reduce the wear of the metal mold.


Use of EBS emulsion in paper coating

 1% EBS improves the brightness of the paper coating. Because of the high melting point, it does not decompose during the heat sealing operation. This paper can be used for food packaging.


Use of EBS emulsion in the coatings industry

 In the coatings industry, EBS can be used as a pigment grinding aid and dispersant. In addition, the addition of EBS to paints and paints can improve the saltwater resistance and water resistance, and enhance the smoothness of the baking surface.


EBS emulsion used as a defoamer

Used as the main active ingredient of amide defoamers in the pulp and paper process.


EBS emulsion synthetic fiber antistatic agent

33% of EBS can be used as an antistatic agent for synthetic fibers.


Other uses of EBS emulsion

 EBS can be used as a melting point rising agent for petroleum products, and EBS is added to adhesives, waxes, etc., and has an anti-caking effect and an excellent mold release property. The addition of EBS to the asphalt increases the softening point of the road, lowers the viscosity, and improves the corrosion resistance to water or acid. The addition of EBS to the paint stripper improves the properties of the wax layer.

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