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Nano Silver Wire Patent Dispute - Giant Company Patent Layout

wallpapers Robot Industry 2020-11-11
As a new type of nano material, nano-silver wire has many novel properties on the nanometer scale. Its excellent electrical conductivity and good optical properties are considered to be the best material to replace indium tin oxide.
At present, the nano silver wire technology is mainly monopolized by Cambrios and C3Nano. In recent years, my country's corporate R&D investment and R&D capabilities have gradually increased, and high-tech companies with nano-silver wires have continued to emerge.

1. Number of patents of major silver nanowire companies
Among the major silver nanowire companies, Cambrios and C3Nano are the two giant companies with the largest number of related patent applications and the largest number of valid invention patents. The average number of patent applications (number of patent applications/number of patent applications) per patent application layout is as high as 8.4 and 6.5 respectively.
2. Patent layout ideas of Cambrios and C3Nano
Patent layout country/region
Cambrios patent applications are widely distributed in the same family of countries/regions, mainly the United States, followed by Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, etc. Cambrios attaches great importance to the Asian market. Cambrios established Tiancai Innovation in China in 2018 Material Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.
C3Nano also attaches great importance to the Asian market. Except for the United States, most of the patent applications have been deployed in Asia. In 2018, C3Nano established the first large-scale production center in China-Changzhou Xinsirui Optoelectronic Materials Co., Ltd.
Patent layout technology theme distribution
Nano silver wire technology is to ink the prepared nano silver wire, apply the nano silver wire ink on the substrate, and then use laser or yellow light engraving technology to create a transparent conductive film with nano-level silver wire conductive network pattern. As one of the substitutes for ITO, nano silver wire transparent conductive film is used in many electronic devices, especially flexible electronic equipment.
Ink and film are the main products of Cambrios and C3Nano. Among the technical themes of the patent applications of Cambrios and C3Nano, thin films accounted for the highest proportion, 56% and 64% respectively. The structure and composition of the film directly affect the application effect of silver nanowires. It is the focus of the development of silver nanowire technology and the focus of patent layout. Compared with C3Nano, Cambrios pays more attention to the patent layout of downstream applications of silver nanowires. Cambrios’ technology topics in the downstream applications of nano silver wires accounted for 32%, mainly involving touch panels, OLEDs, photovoltaic cells, etc.; C3Nano’s technology topics in the downstream applications of nano silver wires accounted for 11%, mainly involving With touch sensors, it can be seen that Cambrios is more active in exploring the downstream applications of nano silver wires.
3. Conclusion
The development of the industry lies in the competition of technology. The development of the domestic flexible screen industry requires continuous technological breakthroughs to meet the large market demand for Huawei's flexible screen mobile phones. Patent litigation in the field of touch electrode materials such as nano silver wires is frequent, and the patent layout is particularly important. Chinese enterprises should attach importance to patent layout, timely and continuously apply for patents in the process of technological research and product development, cultivate high-value patents, enter technology target market areas through patent families, and actively carry out patent layout from the perspective of industrial chain integrity.

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