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Advanced functional materials: application progress and Prospect of mxene based nanostructures in high performance metal ion batteries

wallpapers News 2020-10-29
The current

lithium-ion battery has a low energy density which can not meet the requirements of long endurance high safety of electric vehicles. In addition with the rising price of lithium salt the manufacturing cost of lithium-ion battery is gradually increasing. Therefore on the one h it is necessary to develop high-performance electrode materials suitable electrolyte system to construct high specific energy lithium-ion batteries; on the other h it is necessary to develop new low-cost or high safety metal ion battery technologies such as sodium potassium zinc ion batteries which can replace lithium-ion batteries. As an important part of battery electrode material is the key to build high performance metal ion battery.

mxene is a kind of two-dimensional metal carbonitride nanosheets which can be prepared by selectively etching the a layer of ternary layered ceramics max. it has abundant surface functional groups (- Oh - O - F) highly conductive core. Importantly mxene also has a low metal ion diffusion barrier which is suitable for the intercalation of metal ions between large layers. Therefore mxene shows great application potential in different metal ion batteries. However with the rapid development of mxene in the application of metal ion batteries there is still a lack of systematic summary in this field.

recently Wu Zhongshuai a research team of Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences systematically reviewed the research progress of mxene based nanostructures in high performance metal ion batteries (Li Na K Mg2 Zn2 Ca2 ). Firstly three important roles of mxene in metal ion batteries including active material conductive carrier current collector were summarized three composite structure models of mxene with different dimensions (0-dimensional 1-dimensional 2-dimensional) active materials were summarized: loaded type coated type swich type (Fig. 1). Secondly the advantages disadvantages of different mxene based composite structures in each metal ion battery were emphasized The strong coupling interface between mxene active materials the internal mechanism of synergetic enhancement of battery performance are emphasized. Finally the challenges development opportunities of mxene based nanostructures in high performance metal ion batteries are briefly discussed some potential solutions future development directions are proposed.

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