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Advanced functional materials: metal ion doped nano Ti NB o helix array materials

wallpapers News 2020-11-24

titanium niobium oxide anode materials have attracted extensive attention due to its excellent high safety high specific capacity. However its poor electron conduction slow ion transfer ability lead to slow electrode reaction kinetics low utilization of active materials poor high power performance. Researchers Xia Xinhui of Zhejiang University Professor Liu Qi of City University of Hong Kong improved the high rate lithium ion storage performance of titanium niobium oxygen anode by using spiral array design metal ion doping strategy. It is found that the Cr doped nano Ti NB o helix array materials have more open lithium storage structure higher electronic conductivity more stable electrode structure thus improving the high rate performance cycle stability.

titanium niobium oxide (ti2nb10o29) is a kind of anode material for lithium-ion batteries. It has higher theoretical capacity better safety stability better fast charging ability than graphite. The electrochemical performance of Ti NB o is related to its electron / ion transport characteristics. The team synthesized chromium doped nano Ti NB o helix arrays by solvothermal solid-state sintering. The nano CR TNO is spiral in the upper limit region of the new vgtc substrate. Through DFT calculation in situ synchrotron radiation XRD it is found that Cr3 doping can improve electron / ion conduction make TNO crystal have more open lithium storage structure. At the same time chromium ion doping can effectively reduce the harmful activation process enhance the stability of electrode structure thus obtaining excellent high rate long cycle life.

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