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Advanced functional materials: orientation selective polarized light detection based on highly in-plane anisotropic palladium selenide

wallpapers News 2020-12-05

polarized light detector with orientation selectivity can selectively detect linearly polarized light with different orientations wavelengths. In recent years it has been successfully demonstrated on planar anisotropic two-dimensional materials with convertible linear dichroism is expected to realize integrated optical applications in polarized light detection. As a new two-dimensional layered material palladium selenide (pdse2) has high room temperature mobility (more than 103 cm2v − 1 s − 1) wide adjustable b gap (0.03-1.3 EV) ultra-high air stability. In addition pdse2 has highly anisotropic folded Pentagon structure unique linear dichroism conversion behavior. Therefore pdse2 is considered as a potential low symmetry material for multi-functional polarized light detection.

Zhai Tianyou Zhou Xing of Huazhong University of science technology confirmed their strong in-plane anisotropy highly sensitive polarized light detection characteristics with orientation selection based on the atomic layer of palladium selenide. The research team of

revealed the 2D structure by using polarized Raman spectroscopy differential reflection spectroscopy (adrdm) imaging Pdse2 has accurate crystal axis orientation strong optical anisotropy. The angle resolved electrical transport measurements show the strong electrical anisotropy between the crystal directions the maximum anisotropic mobility controlled by temperature is 8.9. In addition the detector based on 2D pdse2 shows excellent polarized light detection performance (dichroism ratio reaches 1.8 at 369 nm 2.2 at 532 nm) the fitting linear polarized photocurrent detection results have similar double leaf structure orientation reversal characteristics with the polarization absorption spectrum indicating that the linear polarized photocurrent detection is mainly based on the intrinsic linear dichroism of semiconductor. This work emphasizes the correlation between the anisotropic structure properties of anisotropic two-dimensional materials the researchers believe that it will also provide a new cidate for the future research of multi-functional polarization photoelectric detection.

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