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Advanced materials: Inspiration from silk: parallel fibers overcome fluid Rayleigh instability

wallpapers News 2020-11-09
One of the most common examples of Rayleigh instability is the formation of water column. This phenomenon leads to the nonuniformity fracture of the liquid film in the preparation of fiber surface coating by solution method (including solution coating electrospinning microfluidic control) so it is difficult to obtain uniform coating. At present the most common effective way to overcome Rayleigh instability is to use UV high temperature or chemical reaction induced liquid film immediate curing but these methods will bring complex operation limitations in the selection of coating materials. Therefore it is very important to develop a simple method to overcome the Rayleigh instability of liquid film on fiber. As one of the earliest used animal fibers

have attracted scientists' attention due to its smooth surface good mechanical properties biocompatibility. Mulberry silk is composed of internal silk fibroin fiber external sericin coating. When it is ejected it presents a typical composite structure of liquid film covering solid fiber. It is worth noting that there is no periodic spindles on the sericin coating that is to say the occurrence of Rayleigh instability on the sericin liquid film is effectively avoided in the process of silking.

inspired by the structure of mulberry silk the research group of Professor Liu Huan from school of chemistry Beijing University of Aeronautics Astronautics proposed a simple method to overcome the Rayleigh instability of liquid film on the fiber surface by using parallel arrangement of double fiber structure. The experimental results show that the symmetry of the liquid film on the surface of the parallel double fibers can be effectively changed. The Laplace pressure difference caused by the change of the liquid film morphology is the main driving force to overcome the surface fluid Rayleigh instability. At the same time the capillary force caused by the gap between the parallel fibers is also conducive to the spreading of the liquid film along the long axis of the fiber surface. The theoretical calculation shows that when the volume of the liquid film is not enough to keep the fiber wrapped in a circular shape on the cross section the liquid film on the parallel fiber can remain stable (that is uniform continuous) without Rayleigh instability. Through this simple method to overcome the Rayleigh instability of fluid on the fiber surface the controllable preparation of uniform coating on the fiber surface is realized at room temperature pressure which provides a new idea for the preparation of uniform composite fiber by solution coating technology.

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