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Advanced materials: combination of two swords -- rare earth nano fluorescent anti counterfeiting materials based on up / down conversion dual mode

wallpapers News 2020-12-02

rare earth luminescent materials have attracted much attention due to their excellent optical properties such as narrow b emission peak long fluorescence lifetime high stability showing potential application value in the fields of anti-counterfeiting information security. However the existing rare earth luminescent system for storing anti-counterfeiting information has some shortcomings such as single fluorescence mode requiring specific expensive excitation light source non adjustable luminescent color which leads to the limited capacity of information storage anti-counterfeiting faces the risk of decoding. Therefore the in-depth study of rare earth luminescence mechanism the precise control of the spectrum is of great significance to promote the practical application of rare earth luminescence materials in the field of information storage fluorescence anti-counterfeiting.

recently Professor Yang Xiaofei's research group of School of science of Nanjing Forestry University Professor Zeng Haibo's team of School of materials of Nanjing University of science technology worked closely to propose a design strategy for constructing a dual-mode fluorescence system. By using the energy transfer process at the core-shell interface the cross relaxation mechanism of rare earth ions the up conversion down conversion luminescence spectra of a variety of rare earth ions can be precisely controlled in the energy transfer of nanometer size. The research team used Ho3 Eu3 Tb3 as the up conversion down transfer luminescence centers respectively doped them with NaGdF4@NaYF4 The core layer shell layer of nanoparticles are used to construct the dual-mode fluorescence nano system. Ce3 ions in the core layer act as the cross relaxation center sensitization center respectively. The color control of Ho3 up conversion luminescence the multi-color down conversion luminescence of shell ions are realized at the same time. Through the verification experiments it is preliminarily confirmed that the dual-mode fluorescence system can replace the traditional single-mode fluorescence materials achieve high-level multi-color anti-counterfeiting security coding applications. This discovery provides a new idea for the design of special luminescent function of rare earth nanocrystals shows a more easy to operate more secure anti-counterfeiting application. At the same time this study is conducive to understing regulating the interaction luminescence behavior of rare earth ions on the nanoscale provides research ideas for the development of new rare earth luminescent materials with independent intellectual property rights. Based on the relevant results of this research "energy manipulation in lanthanide doped core shell nanoparticles for tunable dual mode luminescence toward advanced anti counterfeeding" is published online in advanced materials

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