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Advanced materials: graphene flexible photodetector with high responsivity and detection rate

wallpapers News 2020-07-07

researchers first obtained graphene nanomaterials by mechanical stripping method in 2014 graphene materials have attracted extensive attention. However it has no b gap which limits its in-depth research in many fields such as photoelectric detection. Compared with graphene graphene has the characteristics of natural b gap carrier mobility. These advantages make graphene can effectively convert optical signal into electrical signal which has a very important research significance in the field of photoelectric detection.

Professor Zhang Han of Shenzhen University Dr. Zhang Ye deposited ultra-thin graphite alkyne nanosheets on flexible polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrate coated with ITO by spin coating method applied them to photoelectrochemical (PEC) - type photodetectors. The results of experiments theoretical calculation show that the graphene photodetector has better photoelectric response performance in alkaline solution. The graphene photodetector has the characteristics of high photocurrent (5.98 μ a cm ‒ 2) responsivity (1086.96 μ a w ‒ 1) detection rate (7.31 × 1010 Jones) its performance is higher than that of the reported two-dimensional materials such as black phosphorus (BP) tellurium (TE) selenium (SE) bismuth (BI). At the same time it is found that the photodetectors based on graphene show remarkable photoelectric conversion behavior excellent long-term stability after bending twisting for a certain number of times. It is found that graphene has a very fast response speed (< 100ps) which can be compared with BP MoS2. It shows that graphene has outsting potential in Photonics optoelectronics has broad application in photodetectors high-speed modulators all-optical switches saturable absorbers Scenery. First principles calculations show that graphene has a better application prospect in alkaline environment. We believe that this study provides a relatively in-depth mechanism explanation for the enhanced photoresponse behavior of graphene in alkaline environment which is helpful to design underst adjust a series of graphene optoelectronic devices.

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