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Advanced science: ultra low static power self wake up technology based on bionic friction nano generator

wallpapers News 2020-07-19

with the advent of the information age the intelligent micro system which combines MEMS microelectronics technology has become a global research hotspot. It integrates sensors actuators signal collectors data processors control circuits which can be used in unmanned area monitoring infrastructure monitoring Internet of things. In order to improve the service life of sensor networks when the battery can not be replaced the concept of "n-zero" is proposed that is the wake-up system senses the environment with 100% ultra-low static power consumption uses the energy in the signal to activate the internal information processing circuit of the system. However the current related research still faces the following problems: firstly most common sensors need power supply which makes the energy consumption pressure high; secondly the sensor sensing mechanical disturbance in the wake-up system usually needs large vibration to generate enough voltage to wake up the circuit; thirdly the manufacturing process of the existing sensors used for wake-up system is common It's often complex expensive. In order to further reduce the static power consumption a possible solution is to replace the low-power sensor with a self powered sensor which can work without system power supply; at the same time improve the wake-up range of the wake-up system the detection sensitivity of slight mechanical action. Therefore it is necessary to develop a new sensor which can generate enough voltage to trigger the wake-up circuit with slight or even no contact. In addition from the perspective of economy mass production sensors with simple manufacturing process also have great attraction.

Professor Wang Xiaofeng intelligent microsystem laboratory Department of precision instruments Tsinghua University Professor Yi Fang School of materials science engineering Sun Yat sen University their collaborators have developed an intrusion monitoring early warning system with ultra-low power consumption by applying the friction nano generator with plant bionic structure to the wake-up system. The work of

provides a wake-up system with low static power consumption wide wake-up range which can overcome the power limitation of continuous sensing in sensor networks. This method is realized by adding a bionic plant friction nano generator (bteng) as a self powered sensor into the wake-up system. It can capture small external mechanical interference overcome the shortcoming of the traditional wake-up circuit that only when a considerable pressure is applied on the self powered sensor can trigger the circuit. The voltage output of bionic plant bteng with leaf like tentacle structure is 4 times higher than that without tentacle structure which can trigger the wake-up system in the case of slight contact or even no contact. A wake-up circuit compatible with bteng self powered sensor is designed. The application of the wake-up circuit can prolong the battery life by 12.4 times thus greatly extending the service life of the whole wireless sensor network system. In this work we also use the low-power self wake-up system to build an intrusion detection system which uses audio feature extraction machine learning to determine the type of scene. This work opens up a new field of vision for self awakening technology provides a new method for continuous sensing. It can be widely used in environmental monitoring dangerous event detection boundary monitoring key infrastructure protection.

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