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Do You Think Parking Charging Is Too Much Trouble? The Latest Design Has Been Issued—Solar "Charging Car Clothing"

wallpapers News 2020-04-14

Imagine a scenario where I came to a suburban park with a beloved pure electric SUV and found that the cruising range is only 30 kilometers, and the charging piles in the parking lot have been occupied. How to solve the problem of returning after the tour? A French start-up company gave them the perfect solution after integrating Chinese and Western cultures: solar automatic one-button telescopic charging clothing.

Don't worry about the charging pile being occupied, and you don't need to call the remote charging treasure to come to the service, you don't have to wait for the mobile phone APP to wait for the charging to be pushed. With a light press, a colorful car body slowly rises from under the trunk. With the assistance of the traction rope, it covers the front of the car and protects the vehicle in all directions. However, the center of this piece of clothing is not pure raw material, but a large-size flexible solar panel that can convert light energy into electrical energy and charge it into the car battery pack. Although solar charging can't be as fast as the supercharging pile, it can solve the urgent need for the lack of battery life of electric vehicles-at least let it stick to the next idle charging pile.

It is reported that this piece of solar automatic one-button telescopic charging clothing can be folded at least 50.000 times before it loses the activity of absorbing solar energy. And, compared to other solar panels on the market, the company's car weight is only one-third of its competitors.

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