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Laser & Photonics reviews: generation and control of arbitrary polarization states of light using dielectric hyper structured surfaces

wallpapers News 2020-11-06

polarization is an important property of light which has a wide range of applications in civil military scientific research fields. How to effectively control the polarization state of light obtain high-performance polarizer is the focus difficulty of current research. Traditional polarizers mainly use the birefringence effect of materials such as the birefringence effect in crystals. When the light propagates in the crystal the electric field component perpendicular to the direction will produce a certain phase delay so as to realize the transformation control of the polarization state. Therefore the traditional polarization element has a specific thickness large volume which is incompatible with the current trend of integration miniaturization in the field of photonics. The super structured surface can achieve polarization conversion in any b but the bwidth conversion efficiency are limited. In recent years Assistant Professor Ding Fei Professor Sergey I. bozhevolnyi's research group have realized a number of super structured surface devices to control the polarization state of light by studying the interaction between metal / dielectric super structured surface light. High efficiency devices are realized by using [adv 1417. 2020] [adv 1417. 374. These results show the advantages of super structured surfaces in controlling the state of polarization of light can be applied to many fields such as integrated optoelectronics quantum optics [adv. mater. 32 1907832 (2020)].

traditional polarizers based on hyper structured surface can only achieve a single polarization conversion function such as linear polarization to linear polarization or linear polarization to circular polarization which greatly limits the practical application. In order to solve this problem the research group collaborators innovatively realized the mapping from the linear polarization state of light (horizontal / vertical linear polarization) to the arbitrary polarization state of light by ingeniously designing the super structured surface unit structure of medium gave the general principle of controlling the wavefront of different polarization states.

the research group collaborators proposed the design concept of super structured surface without Pancharatnam Berry phase. Based on matrix optics a unit structure with simultaneous independent control of polarization phase was designed by using dielectric super structured surface which realized the mapping from the linear polarization state (horizontal / vertical linear polarization) of light to the arbitrary polarization state of light could detect the waves of arbitrary polarized light It is necessary to regulate before operation. The scheme overcomes the bottleneck of circular polarization dependence of Pancharatnam Berry phase type surface realizes the excitation of linearly polarized light successfully. By changing the size rotation angle of the structural unit six kinds of polarization states (left-hed polarized light right-hed polarized light horizontal / vertical / 45 ° / - 45 ° linearly polarized light) can be generated controlled simultaneously under the excitation of horizontal / vertical linearly polarized light. At the same time different elliptically polarized light can be obtained by adjusting the polarization angle of polarized light. On this basis multi spot focusing lens full vector hologram with different polarization states are realized experimentally. This kind of dielectric super structured surface is expected to provide high integration light weight high efficiency solutions for information coding quantum communication quantum computing integrated optics.

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