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Small: high performance electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution by activating mulberry like Ni NB phosphide on carbon supports with plasma induced defects

wallpapers News 2020-11-28
Due to the advantages of high calorific value no carbon emission of hydrogen fuel

is widely considered as the most promising clean energy which can be used to solve the problem of energy shortage. However due to the high cost of Process Engineering (such as process development) catalyst (such as catalytic electrode) how to realize the industrialization of hydrogen producing electrocatalyst is still a challenging problem. The extended carbon support is one of the most commercially viable support materials for electrocatalysis. However due to the low surface energy of carbon based materials the stability of the electrocatalyst is poor. It is still a great challenge to develop the electrocatalyst containing separated bimetallic compounds on carbon cloth other carbon supports. Therefore the design of a process to enhance the adhesion between catalyst carbon support control the growth of mixed phase transition metal compounds identify the catalytic active sites optimize the mass loading of catalyst can provide theoretical basis feasible experimental solutions for the realization of industrial catalysis which will greatly promote the research development speed of new energy electrode materials realize the industrialization of related technologies as soon as possible Good luck to mankind.

Recently Professor Chen Guangliang his collaborators from the school of materials science engineering Zhejiang University of science technology have synthesized nano mulberry like niobium phosphide catalyst rich in two-phase heterogeneous interface on carbon fiber through plasma defect engineering treatment of carbon fiber cloth carrier realizing high activity high stability hydrogen production from electrolyzed water under alkaline conditions which provides a reference for related technology It provides the experimental theoretical basis for the industrial development of science technology. The research team of

first used atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) plasma to fabricate defects on carbon cloth (CC) to obtain PCC then synthesized Ni NB oxide precursor on PCC by simple hydrothermal method then successfully prepared ni12p5-ni4nb5p4 dual phase nanostructures with rich heterogeneous interfaces by chemical vapor reaction. The results show that ni12p5-ni4nb5p4 / PCC has excellent her activity. When the current density is 10 Ma cm − 2 500 mA cm − 2 the overpotential is only 81 MV 287 MV respectively the Tafel slope is 64.2 MV dec-1. When the current density reaches 615 Ma cm-2 the required overpotential is lower than that of commercial Pt / C. This is not only conducive to the establishment of solid contact between DBD catalyst but also to the improvement of the stability of the catalyst. The unique mulberry like nanostructure also provides high specific surface area rich heterogeneous interfaces. The Ni NB phosphide has rich catalytic active sites which is conducive to the adsorption activation of active substances can accelerate the mass transfer process in the catalytic process. In addition DFT was used to simulate the her process at the ni12p5-ni4nb5p4 interface. The results show that the heterogeneous interface between ni12p5 phase ni4nb5p4 phase reduces the free energy of hydrogen adsorption improves the synergistic effect of Ni NB metal based phosphides in her process accelerates the kinetic process. This work provides a new method for the construction of carbon fiber surface electrocatalyst which is conducive to the development industrialization of electrocatalytic water splitting hydrogen production.

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