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Small: preparation of grade cobalt oxide (II) anode materials for lithium ion batteries by controlled sulfur doping

wallpapers News 2020-10-09
In recent years transition metal oxides (nickel oxide iron oxide vanadium oxide etc.) have been widely studied in the field of nano energy storage. Transition metal oxides have higher theoretical capacity lower cost when used as lithium-ion anode materials. Among them cobalt oxide as a widely studied anode material for lithium ion storage through conversion reaction has much higher theoretical capacity than commercial graphite anode (714 MAH / g vs. 372 MAH / g). However the low conductivity of cobalt oxide can easily lead to electrode polarization a huge volume expansion will occur during the charging discharging process. These inherent disadvantages seriously restrict the practical application of cobalt oxide in lithium-ion batteries.

in view of the above problems Wang Jiacheng Ma Ruguang associate researchers of Shanghai Institute of silicate Chinese Academy of Sciences doped graphene (g) - coated cobalt oxide nanoparticles by controllable vulcanization method obtained coos0 with excellent lithium storage performance 1@G Negative electrode material.

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