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Aerial Concrete Dome: An Affordable, Flexible, and Environmentally Friendly DIY Choice


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As environmental awareness grows, more and more people are looking for housing solutions that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. As an emerging architectural form, the "air-core" dome house has received widespread attention in this context. This article will elaborate on the DIY (do-it-yourself) construction process of the "Aircore" dome house, from affordability to flexibility and environmental protection.


homemade foaming agent for concrete1

1. Affordable price: the economic advantages of DIY "Aircrete" dome house

1)Low material costs: Aircrete Dome Houses use prefabricated concrete panels as the main building materials. These stuffs are relatively low-cost and can be obtained locally, reducing transportation costs.

2)Low labor costs: Since the construction process of Aircrete Dome Houses is relatively simple and does not require a professional construction team, labor costs can be significantly reduced. In addition, through DIY, you can enjoy the fun of construction while saving some labor costs.

3)Short construction period: The construction process of Aircrete Dome Houses is relatively quick, mainly due to their unique structural form and precast concrete panels. A short construction cycle shortens the time it takes to occupy funds and solves housing needs in a shorter period.

Environmental Protection: The Sustainability of the DIY "Aircrete" Dome House

1)Energy saving and environmental protection: Aircrete dome houses have good thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties, which can effectively reduce energy consumption. In addition, its design considers natural lighting and ventilation, reducing the need for lighting and air conditioning, thereby further saving energy.

2)Recyclable: Aircrete Dome Houses are built from precast concrete panels that can be recycled and reused. This sustainable building material not only reduces the generation of construction waste but also helps reduce the environmental burden.

3)Green building concept: The DIY "Aircore" dome house embodies the concept of green building and emphasizes the design principle of harmonious symbiosis with nature. By using environmentally friendly materials and energy-saving technologies, this kind of house provides a comfortable living environment but also helps promote sustainable development and environmental protection.

Homemade concrete foaming agents are important in constructing DIY "Aircrete" dome houses. It provides important expansion properties to the concrete and ensures the filling and fluidity of the concrete. At the same time, using foaming agents can reduce the density of concrete, increase its thermal insulation performance, and provide better thermal insulation effects for houses.

Some main application areas of homemade concrete foaming agents

In the field of building insulation: As mentioned earlier in the DIY "Aircrete" dome house, foamed concrete is widely used in building insulation. Due to its low density and good thermal insulation properties, it is an ideal thermal insulation material.

(Homemade foaming agent for concrete)

Sound insulation material: Because the bubbles in foamed concrete can effectively insulate sound, this material is often used in places that require sound insulation, such as concert halls, recording studios, sound insulation walls in residential buildings, etc.

(Homemade foaming agent for concrete)

Pipe Repair: Foamed concrete can also be used for pipe repair. Through a special foaming agent, a strong and waterproof foamed concrete layer can be formed on the inner wall of the pipeline to achieve the purpose of repairing the pipeline.

(Homemade foaming agent for concrete)

Landscape engineering: In landscape engineering, foamed concrete is often used to make lightweight landscape pieces, such as flower beds, seats, sculptures, etc.

Flood control projects: Because foam concrete has good buoyancy properties, it can be used to make pontoons, flood control dams, etc.

(Homemade foaming agent for concrete)

Automotive Industry: In the automotive industry, foamed concrete is used to make lightweight automotive parts such as car seats, interior decoration, etc.

Aerospace: In the aerospace field, materials are extremely demanding, and foamed concrete is also widely used due to its lightweight and high-strength properties.

(Homemade foaming agent for concrete)

Packaging materials: Foamed concrete is also used as a packaging material to protect products from damage during transportation due to its good cushioning properties.

Agriculture: In the agricultural field, foamed concrete can make greenhouse roofs, farmhouses, livestock and poultry houses, etc. Its good thermal insulation properties provide an ideal growing environment for crops.


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