Introduction to operation requirements of flying shears in rolling mills


1. Basic requirements of flying shears

The cutting edge is synchronized with the rolling piece in the moving direction of the rolling piece: V= (1-1.03) Vo, Vo is the rolling piece speed, and at the same time completes the length cutting to meet the requirements of length and shape accuracy, as well as the productivity requirements of the mill or unit.

2. Adjust the cutting length

1) Adjust the length of the flying shear for starting the working system

The flying shear cut to length is determined by the photoelectric device (or hot metal detector):L = telephone voting ±L, L the distance of the photoelectric device fly shear, the forward speed of the visa officer, roll, and t is the delay time of the fly shear. When the photoelectric device is in front of the flying shearing machine, the negative sign is taken, and when it is behind the flying shearing machine, the positive sign is taken.

2) Length of flying shear of continuous working system

When the rolling speed Vo is too high or the cutting length is too long, the flying shear starting system cannot meet the requirements. Flying shears with continuous operating systems must be used. The drive can be driven by motor or driven alone. By changing the spindle speed N and the wind cutting coefficient K, the fixed length L of the rolled piece can be changed.

3. Uniform velocity mechanism

Fixed-length cutting length L of the rolled piece can be adjusted by adjusting the rotation number n of the flying shear machine spindle, but at the same time, the horizontal velocity v of the blades must be kept in speed is equal to the Vo rolled piece on the decrease, this is the speed synchronization, achieve the function of institutions is called constant institution, general component is a non uniform motion of flying shears the spindle and the spindle of flying shear for constant speed sports.

4. The spindles of the flying shears move at unequal speeds

Including double crank uniform mechanism, elliptical gear uniform mechanism.

5. Uniform mechanism of flying shear spindle for uniform motion

The flying shear with different spindle speeds has larger eccentric mass, so the dynamic torque is larger, especially when the speed is higher, so it is generally used for high-speed shear. In order to change the fixed length, it is necessary to change the spindle speed n of the flying shear. In order to keep the synchronous performance, the method of changing the rotary radius of the cutting edge is adopted to achieve the purpose of uniform speed, that is, the fixed length and rotary radius R are decreased while increasing n. Keep the horizontal cutting blade speed equal to Vo.

6. Types of flying shears

Double drum flying shears, rotary flying shears, crank flying shears.

Leading manufacturer of flying shear cut to length line

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The purpose that TX developed the type of rotary flying shear line is to achieve better flatness accuracy and continuous production, and reduced required space.

TX’s flying shear cut to length line can be applied for processing material like HR(hot-rolled steel), high tensile steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium and etc. The thickness range covers from 0.1 to 25mm. Line speed is 50m/min max.

Commonly the flying shear cross cutting line is composed of decoiler, pinch roll & straightening unit, leveling unit, length measuring unit, flying shear, stacking unit(additional equipment like side trimmer, PVC film applicator, Crop shear…can be incorporated).

Txs flying shear is applicable for light gauge, medium gauge, and heavy gauge cut-to-length line. 

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